Vehicles, construction technologies, equipment and tools that belong to “Hovers Group” LLC:

For safely delivering of produced goods to curtomers's addresses, Hovers GPS installed vehicles are tracked by central dispatcher, that reduces evasion and excess speed causes to zero. All vehicles of Hovers Group company are equipped with GPS tracking devices.

Hovers Steel Plant

Hovers Group LLC produces steel beams of all shapes at Steel Plant in Baku and provides the delivery of these construction materials to places of destination.

Hovers Concrete Plant

Hovers Beton is one of the best quality concrete producers in Azerbaijan. When it comes to quality, Hovers Beton has philosophy that it never pays to cut corners. Customers know that they can depend on Hovers Beton to exceed specifications for strength, consistency, yield, and durability. Long-term relationships with suppliers insure that the highest quality raw materials are available to Hovers Beton. We have 4 units of 100 tons capacity cement silo tanks, 4 units of inert materials bunker in total capacity of 80m3, in 3 tons capacity cement filling bunker in our concrete plant which belongs to “Hovers Group” LLC. The plant has capacity to produce 120m3 concrete in an hour, 2880m3 concrete in a day. Electricity panel of the plant’s equipment is a product of Tekno System. The 10m3 capacity concrete mixer truck is filled with premade concrete mixture in 4.5 minutes and being transported.

Acoustical Panels

American and German all purpose acoustical panels which are installed by Hovers Group are economical and designed for use where sound absorption and value are the main criteria. These panels are easy to install and are designed to help you achieve your aesthetic and sound absorbing goals. Creating a sound absorptive environment that is cost-effective they reduce excess noise in any room imaginable. The cores of acoustical panels are constructed with a rigid acoustical core and are then covered with either an acoustically rated fabric or with a paintable surface. These products are easy to install, enhance sound quality, and minimize noise distractions, which increases the ability to concentrate and improve speech intelligibility.